First Trimester ( 12 weeks ) & Thoughout Pregnancy


Anti-Ageing-Stem Cell Facial

1hr: $170

This facial is infused with supercharged de-agers like Collagen, Retinol, Elastin and other key actives to start working from the first application. Visibly reducing lines and wrinkle depth, it delivers a smoother skin surface, and long-term protection of the skin's naturally repairing stem cells. The intensive mask is scientifically crafted for optium benefits! 

Brightening-Luminous C & Sea Facial

1hr: $170

A brightening blend of stabilized vitamin "C" combined with the latest high-tech formulation of freeze- dried seaweed. It reduces fine lines, strengthens elasticity, and provides relief for dull, sun-damaged skin. Your complexion resurfaces renewed, firm and extremely smooth with a luminous glow. 

Healing & Nourishing - Plantomer Facial

1hr: $170

Visibly enhancing your skin's texture and maximising hydration, this effective lift-off mask combines the replenishing benefits of Seaweed with revitalizing Propolis, a natural healer. Soothing, nourishing, and calming, it renders skin undeniably radiant. 

Organic Facials

1hr: $150
  • Balancing- Combination/Oily Skin
  • Soothing- Sensitive Skin
  • Rejuvenating-Dry Skin 

Harnessing the balancing power of plant energies to balance the pH of the skin for a visibly younger, energetic and deeply hydrated complextion as well as providing a feeling of complete wellness. Features a customised facial massage using pure essential oil blends followed by a rich multi-vitamin mask to restore freshness and radiance. 

Skin Booster Facial

30min: $80

Perfect for a little "quick fix", these facials are uniquely designed for maximum results in minimum time tailored to your own needs.


Restore Manicure

1hr: $95

This is a super hydrating and nourishing hand & nail treatment. Leaving your hands & nails irresistibly smooth, soft and looking youthful. Includes cuticle work and polish. 

Best Foot Forward Pedicure

1hr: $95

Take a load off with this indulgent tension release pedicure. Lower legs and feet are truly pampered, exfoliated, bathed and massaged. Feet are left nourished, soft and smooth. Includes cuticle work and polish.

Express Manicure & Pedicure

75min: $105

File, cuticle work & polish 

Please be aware we don't perform full body massage during the first trimester

2nd & 3rd Trimester ( 13-40 weeks )


Nurturing Massage

30min: $801hr: $125

This massage is all about relaxing and unwinding, this unique therapy helps relieve back tension, swollen hands and feet. Eases the mind and lifts the spirits.

Mums Spa Taster

1hr: $120

This is a great little pick me up for busy mums. Back, neck and shoulder massage to relieve stress and unwind, finishing with a Booster Facial, to rehydrate and nourish the skin.

Top to Toe

2hr: $230

Be totally pampered from top to toe, starting with a relaxing massage on your back, neck and shoulders, with a cleansing and nourishing Booster Facial. Hands and feet are spoiled with an express manicure and pedicure.

All locals receive 15% off any waxing and 60min treatments or more. Excludes treatments already packaged, on special or other promotional deals.